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Advertising methods to attract customers
Advertising methods to attract customers:
In the past, advertising was mostly through radio, television, newspapers and tractor broadcasting, but today the introduction of businesses and services through the construction of boards in a variety of ways, such as steel boards, highlights and chelium boards on the business premises as well as Through other advertising and marketing strategies such as the Internet, social networks and generally digital tactics or a combination of traditional and digital advertising. Successful advertising and marketing teams are teams that can fully identify the target market and the benefits of having a thorough understanding of all of the advertising methods and locations.

Types of advertising:
printed advertisement :
This type of advertising has a long history in our country and has not yet been eliminated and has undergone many changes with the advancement of technology. The graphics and designs used in this type of advertising have a huge impact on encouraging the audience to enjoy the ad. If your audience is still using print media then you might want to take advantage of this type of advertising.

These ads include:

National, local, commercial, industrial magazines

Manuals, Yellow Pages, Industry, Local

Email sent directly to customers

Bus and taxi cards


Online Advertising:
Most publications today use online versions to advertise. Online advertising provides a variety of advertising opportunities and associated strategies that are a good basis for analyzing the effectiveness of ad groups that include:

National, local, social and commercial online newspapers

Local, regional and international magazines


Search engines

Ads on sites

Native Advertising

Re-targeting (ads that target regular users of your website).

Social Networks :
Social media advertising is a combination of a variety of marketing strategies and is often associated with campaigns and marketing groups that include

Lotteries, mobile ads, Facebook, published posts and advertising feeds

Twitter - Advertising campaigns

Linkedin - Advertising campaigns

Pinterest Published Posts

Cellular phone :
Mobile advertising is usually associated with a broad marketing campaign and the growth of mobile advertising in the business field is undeniable and has a huge impact on the development of marketing such as mobile advertising through social networks.

Television :
Television advertising has been in use for a long time, but this advertising model is changing in the following way because of buyers' tendency towards entertainment and news in the Internet:

Programming satellite and cable and local networks that are specific to the target audience.

Indy Television Networks: A small local network that advertises and attracts a small amount of money.

TV program relay networks

Public Broadcasting: These networks are meant to improve public relations sponsored by some companies.

Radio :
Broadcasting advertising with a long history is an advertising space for a specific audience. To advertise in this space, one has to identify the target market and select the desired network and then tailor it to the extent of its audience in the frequency of various networks such as national and local programs, news and talk shows, music, etc. Marketing and advertising.

Supportive Advertising:
These advertisements are sponsored through donations of money or goods and various services.

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